Tasks Pro™ 1.7 beta 5 and Tasks 2.7 beta 5

I’ve put up the beta 5 releases of Tasks Pro™ 1.7 and Tasks 2.7. These releases have a few bug fixes:

  • Date range searches work properly.
  • Searching by “private” task works properly (Tasks Pro™ only).
  • Tags screen “works” in IE now.
  • Tag feeds and iCalendars work properly.
  • Added character set explicitly to iCalendar.
  • E-mail subject prefix works properly.
  • Tags have been restricted to common ASCII characters (for now) to avoid character encoding issues.

Overall the feedback for the .7 pre-releases has been extremely positive. I hope to move into “release candidate” stage with the next release – this means I need to finish the docs for the new features. 🙂

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