Link Harvest 1.0 Debug Edition

Some folks are having trouble with my Link Harvest plugin not harvesting all their links. Since it works fine on all my test machines, I’ve added some logging to a special version to hopefully discover why it isn’t working for them.

To use this special debugging version you need to follow these steps:

  1. Install the plugin using the steps in the README.
  2. Create a aklh_log.txt file in your wp-content/plugins directory.
  3. Make the aklh_log.txt file writeable by your web server.

Now run enable the Link Harvest plugin and run it as described in the README – it will log actions to the file you created. Hopefully the log file will contain useful information to fix whatever is causing it to fail for some folks.

If you want to turn off the logging, open the link-harvest.php file in a text editor and change:

@define('AKLH_DEBUG', true);


@define('AKLH_DEBUG', false);

on line 29.

Once you’ve generated a log from a failed harvest, let me know and we’ll work from there.

You can download the debug version here. This link will be dead when the debugging work is done.

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