Cameras in Cell Phones

I’ve never been a fan of cameras in cell phones. My Treo 600 had one, I think I took 2 photos with it. My a900 had one, I took a single photo – if that. My BlackBerry 8703e doesn’t have one, and I consider it a feature.

However, I may be close to changing my mind on this.

As I was heading out to lunch yesterday I decided to leave my little point and shoot at home because I didn’t want to bulk up my pockets. Last week I was hanging out with Danny and checking out his Nokia N95 with a 7 5 (thanks Derek) megapixel camera in it (and a second smaller one for video conferencing).

If my cell phone had a reasonably good digital camera in it, that might be something I’d use after all.

UPDATE: Some comparison photos from the N95 – pretty nice looking. Hopefully this is where things are heading.