Google Calendar BlackBerry Sync Disappointment →

I was really excited for this, then I discovered it only syncs a single calendar. I applaud Google for embracing iCalendars and making it easy for us to create lots of them to keep things nicely organized, but then they go and add all kinds of features that only work with the Default Calendar. That part sucks.

UPDATE: I was wrong – YAY!!

I believed that the sync only did the “Default Calendar” because after I entered my username and password I was presented with only this option. Since I wanted to sync more than just the Default Calendar, last time I didn’t proceed any further.

This time I did, and went ahead with the sync. Lo and behold, the first thing it did was download the calendar list (then synced the Default Calendar). After this initial sync, I was then able to go into options and choose my additional calendar; including my Google Apps calendars.

Most Excellent!