BlackBerry E-mail Delivery Confirmations

I’ve adapted pretty well to the limitations of BES-less BlackBerry service over the last 11 months, but there are a few things about it that still irk me.

The most bothersome by far is the way the BlackBerry handles read-receipt requests. Whenever an email is received on my BlackBerry that includes a read-receipt request, the BlackBerry replies with an e-mail saying:

Your message has been delivered to the recipient.

This is particularly frustrating because it’s not accurate. The message may have been delivered to my BlackBerry, but that doesn’t mean it’s been delivered to me – and certainly doesn’t mean that I’ve read it. This is supposed to be a read receipt, not a delivery receipt.

I believe that at times this gives people sending me e-mail an incorrect view of my response to them. Scenario:

  1. Someone sends me an e-mail at ~8pm.
  2. They receive a response around 8:05pm with the :scare: confirmation :/scare: message above.
  3. Sometime the next morning, maybe 8-10am – maybe later, I have time to read and reply to the message.

The same thing can happen during the day as well if I’m in a meeting, etc. While I may be responding within an hour or two of seeing their e-mail, the darn BlackBerry auto-response can make them think I’m responding many hours later than that.

As far as I can tell, there is no way to turn this off. I can’t find a setting for it on the BlackBerry, nor in my account on, and the BlackBerry tech support reps I’ve spoken to don’t know how to disable it either.

It bugs me every time too because I BCC myself on e-mails sent from my BlackBerry with a rule to auto-file them properly in my IMAP account. I’m effectively SPAMming myself with these things.

If anyone has any tips on fixing this, please share them.