Traveling with a GPS

I got a portable TomTom GPS unit last winter – first time I’ve had one. It’s of moderate use around town from time to time, but I’ve found that it’s real value is when I’m on the road.

I first brought it with me on a quick trip to LA last month, then again last week when I went to Ohio to spend some time with the ShareThis team. This last trip, it really came in handy.

I arrived in Ohio late, and around 12:30am local my drive to my hotel was interrupted by an accident on the freeway. After about 45 minutes parked, we were turned around and directed back to the previous exit. Of course, I didn’t have directions to the hotel from this exit – just hit the “avoid roadblock” button and Bob’s yer uncle.

The GPS is nice around town, but It’s in my travel bag to stay.