Carrington Blog 1.2

(cross-posted to the Carrington web site)

Version 1.2 of Carrington Blog is now available for download.

It’s been great seeing developers picking up the Carrington theme framework and using it. We wanted to get these fixes and features out ASAP as a result.

This version has a couple of changes – both bug fixes and new features:

  • Added support for meta-{key}.php content templates (previously supported only meta-{key}-{value}.php templates) as requested.
  • Added a field for entering the About text that is shown in the sidebar. If this is present, the /about page content is not used. The content of this field is passed through regular WordPress filters for formatting, etc.
  • Fixed a layout bug with comment links.
  • Adjusted some header tag spacing.
  • Abstracted all general templates (header, sidebar, etc.) – this was not working completely in 1.1.
  • Updated documentation.

Enjoy! Let us know in the forums if you run into trouble.

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