Mac Text Editor WordPress Tools

Shawn (one of our talented developers at Crowd Favorite) has created some great tools for WordPress developers that use BBEdit and TextMate. The TextMate bundle has been out for a little while, but he now has a functional port of it to a BBEdit clipping set as well.1

BBEdit WordPress Clippings

The TextMate Bundle provides nice, handy auto-complete functionality (with code hints) for core WordPress functions within TextMate. The BBEdit Clipping Set does the same thing for BBEdit users. Of course, there is full support for the Carrington CMS theme framework as well. This should be really handy for both plugin developers and theme authors.

These are open source and hosted on Github, so any enhancements, etc. from the community are welcome.

I can’t wait to do some more coding and see how best to use the new clippings.

  1. The TextMate version is more tested and mature, but with some encouragement I think he’ll polish up the BBEdit version as well. [back]