Paid Tweets?

I received this email last week (posted with permission):

Hey Alex!

I am writing from MyLikes, an ex-Google social media/twitter advertising company that connects influencers on the web to advertisers. I wanted to send you an invite to be a premium influencer on MyLikes! Power twitter users such as yourself, can make money on Twitter by creating Sponsored Likes /ads for advertisers they choose and post them to Twitter. You get to accept / reject advertiser offers and write your own Sponsored Likes/tweets. There is a very low minimum payout of $2.

We are also running a contest to win a Apple Tablet. Given your following, you should have a significant chance of winning it.

Let me know if you need any help in signing up for this program.

I remember how :scare: well :/scare: paid blog posts worked out, and I had a worse gut reaction to this idea.

While I understand why someone would create a service like this and why people might use it, I’m also glad that Twitter has that nice “unfollow” feature so that I will never see more than one of these from someone in my list.