How to Use a ShaggyMac Properly

I’ve been using ShaggyMac screen protectors on my laptops for about 5 years now, and I’m a fan. The “keyboard marks” you see on your laptop screen are not scratches, they are the oils from your hands transferred to the keys, then transferred to the screen. The ShaggyMac prevents this, keeping your screen in nice, pristine condition.

However, I’ve noticed that even though some people have a ShaggyMac, they do not understand how to use it properly. Here is a demonstration.

The ShaggyMac should be neatly centered on the bottom of your laptop so that it covers the keys and trackpad, but isn’t close enough to the edge to touch the rubber gasket when the laptop is closed.

To remove the ShaggyMac, first fold it back onto itself once.

Then fold it back onto itself again.

Then slide the folded screen protector into a space next to your laptop.

There you go.

This does a few things. It keeps the ShaggyMac from getting crumpled up, taking up too much space on the table/desk, etc. But more importantly, it keeps the side that faces your screen inward so that if there are crumbs, etc. on the table you set it on they will get stuck to the side of the ShaggyMac that touches the keys, not the side that touches the screen.

Additional tip: When putting the ShaggyMac back in place, arrange it with the ShaggyMac logo in the same spot every time. This helps ensure that the proper side is facing the screen.