Carrington Build and FaveBusiness Updates

Carrington Build

We recently updated Carrington Build for compatibility with WordPress 3.4. We also updated our pricing structure for Carrington Build, dropping the single site price from $499 to $299 and adding an unlimited site package1 at $999.

Our Carrington Build packages include access to our developer support forums and developer documentation, along with example theme integrations (including the FaveBusiness theme).

If you are a WordPress developer and want to give your clients and customers elegant drag and drop control for their websites, consider using Carrington Build. You can see it in action by creating or editing a page on the FaveBusiness demo site.

We updated our FaveBusiness theme to include the new version of Carrington Build as well. FaveBusiness is for folks who want to enjoy the elegant drag-and-drop functionality of Carrington Build by just installing a theme.2

  1. Typically referred to as a “developer” package, though the Carrington Build package is a developer/designer product anyway. 
  2. FaveBusiness includes end-user support and documentation, but does not include access to Carrington Build developer support and documentation. 

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