Envato vs. Mac App Store

Tuesday’s discussion got me thinking about the differences between Envato’s marketplace and Apple’s Mac App Store.

  Mac App Store Envato
Developer’s revenue share 70% 33% (or 50-70%
if “exclusive”)
Also sell your products on your website or other marketplaces? Yes Yes @ 33%,
No @ 50-70%
Who chooses your software’s license Developer Envato
Who sets the price of your software? Developer Envato

The more I think about it, the more insane I think it is to choose to do business with Envato given their current terms.

In order to put your products in their marketplace with a semi-reasonable revenue share you are choosing to completely subjugate your business to their whims. You can’t experiment with your product pricing, you can’t try other marketplaces, you can’t sell direct to your customers… you can’t even choose your own software license!

People actually sign up for this?