Capsule Hotkeys and Background Queue

It’s been very gratifying to see people continuing to discover Capsule this week, and seeing it resonate with them. This was typed into the demo earlier today:

This software is an example of a thing that everyone wants but doesn’t exist until a great idea suddenly comes and voila! it appears!

There are a couple of new features committed to GitHub that you can play with if you like.


In the feature/hotkeys branch1 in the ui submodule, you’ll find some additional keyboard shortcuts:

  • shift+h = navigate to home
  • shift+n = new entry
  • shift+f = set focus to search field

Make sure to update submodules as the jQuery Hotkeys library has been added.

Capsule Server Queue

In the feature/queue branch you’ll find an implementation of a very basic “send at least once” queue so that pushing posts to Capsule Server is no longer a blocking action (it makes saves faster). Another benefit to this feature is better support for using Capsule while offline. Saved entries are stored in the queue and sent to Capsule Server once Capsule is online again. To test this out, you’ll need to update your Capsule Server to the latest code in the develop branch.

We’ve also fixed a few bugs and incorporated a few submitted enhancements. Thanks to everyone who has contributed.

  1. We use the excellent Git Flow model at Crowd Favorite. Features are implemented in feature branches before being merged back to develop and subsequently into a release. 

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