GameTonight? 2.0

Spurred on by the discovery that all of the data sources I’d been using had disappeared, I spent yesterday frantically getting GameTonight? working again; and did so by finishing the 2.0 re-design.


If there is a game tonight, then the background changes to an interior shot of the appropriate stadium/arena. When there isn’t a game, then an empty stadium is shown. I think the resulting effect is pretty great. Click around through the different metro areas to see what I mean.

It took a bit of effort to round up images1 for every team in every metro area. Thanks to Andy for his help with the leg-work there.

There are definitely a few bugs hanging around and a bit of polishing that still needs to happen – we’ll be continuing to touch stuff up over the next few days or so. If anyone has a favorite mobile web weather site2 that allows linking directly to a zip code – please chime in. The weather links are functional but the site we’re linking too feels very outdated.

We’re also planning to add support for New Orleans, Pittsburgh and New York – look for those soon.

  1. All Creative Commons licensed, of course, found on Flickr. 
  2. Sadly, I couldn’t get to work for our needs. 

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