Legacy Ridge (Westminster, CO)

I think Legacy Ridge is one of the toughest public courses in the Denver West area.

The course is farily long (the par 3 16th is 220-240 from the blue tees) with some difficult landing areas. The par 5’s in particular are difficult driving holes. There is a first cut of rough (several inches long) on most holes that is about 10 feet wide before you get into the long hay. If you hit your ball through the first cut, you’ve got abou a 1 in 5 chance of finding it. I’ve played the course twice and lost three balls on each round. Big numbers are pretty easy to come by if you hit errant tee shots.

Many of the greens have severe undulations, making three putts quite possible if you don’t hit the correct part of the green. Pins were also tucked about 6-10 feet from the edges on most holes – not very friendly. 🙂

The greens were the only part of the course not in good shape, at least at this time of year. They had probably been punched and sanded a few weeks back and were quite ragged, bumpy and slow when I played. I assme this will get better later in the summer.

The weather was also a factor when I played here. Besides having to wait for lightning storms to pass over a few times, the wind also kicked up pretty strong from time to time. I recommend playing early to avoid as much of this as possible.

One more note, Legacy Ridge has the fastest golf carts I’ve ever used. No GPS or anything, but you can really cruise around on them.