40 for 9

I’m starting to shoot 40 or lower for 9 holes on a semi-regular basis now. My last three 9 hole rounds I’ve shot 38, 40, 39. The main issue I’ve got is still losing the driver way right at times when I don’t get my right shoulder through.

The other problem I’ve been having is due to the distance I’ve added this year with my irons. Last year I hit my pitching wedge 140-145; this year, I hit it 150-155 (remember, this is at altitude). If I really kill my 52 degree wedge, I get it about 130-135. Often I come up in the 125 range. I really don’t have a 140-145 yard club right now, and I’m hitting approach shots from that yardage a lot.

I’m considering replacing my 52 degree wedge with a 50 degree wedge – I can muscle up on the 56 degree wedge to cover the 115-12o yard distance, but I need something that can cover 135-145. Hopefully I’ll get some time with one of the pros at the club this week and talk it over.

The clubs in the bag right now: Driver, 3-wood, Utility wood, 4 iron-pitching wedge, 52-56-60 degree wedges, putter. If I put the 50 degree wedge in the bag, I’d need to pull the 52, and perhaps replace the 56 with a 54.