Fit to be Pinged

My experiment making my own irons didn’t go so well. The irons turned out fine, but the additional length made them too end heavy for my taste. Instead of continually tweaking and looking at irons, I decided I should take a look at what Ping has to offer with their custom fit clubs.

I got fitted today and settled on 1/2″ over standard length, 4 degrees upright (effectively 3 degrees upright with the longer length shafts) and light weight shafts. I knew I’d need something longer and a little upright, my divots are generally toe deep, but 3 degrees surprised me.

It was pretty cool using the lie board with clubs of different lie degrees. Every time I added a degree upright, the impact mark moved towards the heel a quarter inch or so. Eventually, it was right in the middle. That also tells me that my swing is pretty consistent. 🙂

My original plan was to go with the S59 irons, but they seemed too heavy for me and now I’m now trying to decide on the new I5 irons or the older I3 Blade irons. I like the I5 head better, but I like the reduced offset of the I3 Blade better.

I hope to be able to hit some on the range this week, then make a decision and pull the trigger.