Riverdale Dunes (Brighton, CO)

Riverdale Dunes is a Pete Dye course north of Denver. Like most Pete Dye courses, this is a links-style, “target golf” course. I’m not sure why, but I’m getting more and more comfortable with courses like this.

The course isn’t overly long, but it you miss the fairway in the wrong places you probably will have to drop another ball. There is water on a handful of holes, and when there is, it is intimidating – running alongside the tee shot landing areas and greens. There are also a few blind tee shots as the mounds around the fairways make it difficult to see exactly what is laid out before you.

The greens have been in great shape both times I’ve been there, but with an odd tendancy to be really fast on the downhill and really slow on the uphill. I stuggle with speed a little here, but they roll very true.

The clubhouse and practice areas are very nice here. There is a large putting green and a short game area (that I haven’t used yet).

The service is only so-so. On my first visit I left the pro shop and went to get my cart to load my clubs and go to the range. The starter was “out” of carts and told me to come back 10 minutes before my tee time. This wouldn’t be that big a deal, except:

  1. He was somewhat rude about it
  2. It is a several minute walk from the starter to the range

On my most recent trip, we grabbed lunch in the restaurant after the round. After sitting at a table for about 10 minutes waiting for a server, we gave up and went to the bar. The burgers we ordered took about 35 minutes to show up, and when they did, one had to be sent back (it was raw).

I’ll definitely come play here again, and I recommend it. But you’ll enjoy it more it you have a proper expectation regarding the service level.