Grand Elk (Granby, CO)

It’s a bit of a drive from Denver to Grand Elk golf course in Granby, CO and we did it twice this summer. This is a beautiful golf course up in the mountains that is just starting to have housing built up around it.

The course isn’t a traditional mountain style course, it is much more of a links/target golf course. There are lots of wild grass areas and some forced carrys off the tee. If you’re off the fairway by 5-10 yards in places, it’s unlikely you’ll get to hit another shot with that ball.

The course was in great shape both times we played it. The greens are a little new, but are fast and putt well. They generally hold a full shot pretty well.

The only problem with the course is the mid-day thunderstorms and rain that roll in. We got chased off the course both times we played it, and it’s a long drive to have an hour delay and still only play 15-16 holes.

Maybe there are times of the year that this is less of a problem – I’ll definitely be checking the weather before I try to play there again.