First Birdie of 2011

Got out for my second 9 holes of 2011 on a beautiful day today. I’m working on getting my swing more upright again after getting way too flat and laying off the club last year. No idea if I’m actually making progress or not, but I hit a few nice shots.

I got my first real birdie of 2011 today on the 7th hole of my home course. It’s a short hole, only ~350 yards so it’s normally a 3-wood off the tee, but today I hit driver and put myself in the middle of the fairway with 63 yards to a middle-left pin location. I hit a good 3/4 edge that checked up and left me a putt of about 8-10 feet. Nice to get that one under my belt.

Considering how little I’ve been playing, I’m pretty pleased with what I was able to do. I kept the ball in play off the tee, and hit a few reasonable iron shots. I’ve got a golf weekend coming up in April, need to see if I can get a little more reacquainted with my clubs between now and then.