36 Holes

I played 36 today, the first 18 (riding) at Colorado National and the second 18 (walking) at Coal Creek. It’s the first time this year I’ve played 36, and I’m quite sore. I also played 9 yesterday afternoon to try to get in a rhythm.

On the good side, I’m playing some of the best golf I have in the last few years. This weekend, for the first time in about 2-3 years, I was hitting solid iron shots. This led to 2 birdies in my 9 holes yesterday. 3 birdies in the first 18 holes today and 2 birdies in the second 18 (including the number 1 handicap hole).

I still hit plenty of loose shots, and got really tired on the 36th hole, but ended up shooting 82 in both of today’s rounds. If I can lose a few of the double-bogeys, I might be able to sniff the 70s again sometime this summer.

Cautiously optimistic!