Forest Hills (Augusta, GA)

Forest Hills Golf Club is touted as the best public golf course in the Augusta area. It’s definitely a nice course, especially for the normal rare of $25/round. Of course I played during Masters week, when they jack the price up to $125/round (and included cart, range balls and a pretty meager sandwich).

The track has a nice layout with a good amount of elevation changes (as you might expect from the name), fast and difficult greens, and enough character to keep things interesting. The cart paths are a little in need or repair, but overall the round was quite enjoyable.

There’s some great history at this course as well. Bobby Jones started his Grand Slam here in 1930, and seems to be the current home course of the Augusta State golf team.

The people I interacted with on the course and in the pro shop were all very good natured and helpful.

The Classic at Madden’s (Brainerd, MN)

I had a absolutely great experience at The Classic at Madden’s today. Google Maps sent me to the wrong place so I was a little later than I’d planned getting to the course. They had a little room so juggled my tee time back so I had a chance to warm up.

I took the advice on their website and decided to walk the course with a caddy. This was a great decision. It was the first round of 18 I’d walked since my surgery and during my treatment, I got tired on the back 9 and hit a couple of loose shots as a result, but still carded an 83 I’m proud of. This was the best I’ve driven the ball in a long time – navigating quite a few demanding tee shots.

The course is beautifully carved into the trees and marshland of the area. It’s well manicured and the greens were quite fast (10 on the Stimpmeter) but still receptive to approach shots. I was able to knock a couple of full wedge shots close and 1-putt for par (after a poor shot somewhere along the hole).

Playing with a caddy, something I’ve only done a handful of times before, was a great decision. Instead of being unsure about the shots I was hitting, I felt confident in each swing I took. This definitely isn’t normal for me when playing a course for the first time (even with a rangefinder and GPS). I love that Madden’s is building up their caddy program. When choosing between paying for a cart vs. paying for a caddy, go for the caddy every time.

There are some challenging holes at The Classic, some long approaches and some risk/reward options with water in front of the greens. I found the course to be tough but fair.

Lunch in the restaurant was a bit pricey ($21 for a salmon caesar salad), but tasty and the service all around was excellent. I’ll definitely be making a return trip here next time I’m in the area.

Deacon’s Lodge (Brainerd, MN)

Deacon't Lodge

This may be my favorite course in Minnesota. It’s been in immaculate condition both times I’ve played it, the greens are fast and true, and it combines beautiful looking holes with a good deal of trouble – especially for poor tee shots. If you keep the ball in play, there are some good scoring opportunities.…


Kenny Perry

This year I’ve had an epiphany with my golf game. For the last 10 years (since I started golfing), my footwork has been all wrong. I’ve been up on my toes too much, meaning I have a hard time rotating around my left leg (posting up on that leg), tweaking my left knee because my…

Whitebirch Golf Course (Brainerd, MN)

Whitebirch Golf Course is a short course with a few narrow fairways and undulating greens. A few holes also have raised tee boxes and greens (hit down to the fairway, back up to the green) and are framed by trees and forest. There is some water, etc. but it doesn’t come into play on most…

79 at Coal Creek


Today I shot 79 at Coal Creek – my first round in the 70′s in several years (I haven’t been there consistently since 2006). The lessons I took this year have definitely helped. I wasn’t expecting much today. I’d taken my daughter to the driving range yesterday and really hacked it up. I was late…

Tracking Rounds on GolfShot

When I first started golfing I kept stats on every round I played. Over the last few years I’ve been playing less and less, and struggling more and more – to try to enjoy the walk and not focus as much on results I stopped keeping score. This year, I’ve been taking lessons and working…


I reached a point about a month ago where I realized I just wasn’t able to make progress getting my swing back on my own. Two weeks ago I had three lessons, last week I had two lessons and this weekend I tried to take the swing changes on the course for the first time.…

My Golf Swing, Early 2012

I haven’t been able to really work on my game in about 3-4 years. My swing has been all over the place and my scoring, etc. has fallen off as you’d expect. About 5 years ago I was hitting the ball a ton, but struggling to control it – lots of snap hooks and high…

Classic David Feherty Quotes

I haven’t fact-checked these – if they’re not all true, they should be. “Fortunately, he (Rory) is 22 years old so his right wrist should be the strongest muscle in his body.” “That ball is so far left, Lassie couldn’t find it if it was wrapped in bacon.” “I am sorry Nick Faldo couldn’t be…

Grass Driving Range in Denver Area in Mid-November

I was pretty much assuming that all driving ranges in the Denver area would be hitting off mats by mid-November, but I called around and several are still hitting off grass. Hyland Hills = mats Indian Tree = mats Legacy Ridge = mats Heritage at Westmoor = grass Omni Interlocken = grass West Woods =…

36 Holes

I played 36 today, the first 18 (riding) at Colorado National and the second 18 (walking) at Coal Creek. It’s the first time this year I’ve played 36, and I’m quite sore. I also played 9 yesterday afternoon to try to get in a rhythm. On the good side, I’m playing some of the best…