Whitebirch Golf Course (Brainerd, MN)

Whitebirch Golf Course is a short course with a few narrow fairways and undulating greens. A few holes also have raised tee boxes and greens (hit down to the fairway, back up to the green) and are framed by trees and forest. There is some water, etc. but it doesn’t come into play on most of the holes.

The only houses I noticed on the course were on the 18th hole. It’s a very relaxing round.

There are a few longish par 3s, but overall you don’t need to hit driver on many of the holes. The greens were pretty slow – especially uphill. The course was in good shape but not what I’d consider “manicured”.

The pace of play was really lousy. I ended up going off by myself as the two-some I was supposed to pair up with showed up late and went to hit balls at the driving range. I played through a number of groups (people were good about that) before getting log-jammed behind a five-some for the last 4 holes.

If you keep it in play, you can score. I shot 81 and missed a couple of short putts on the back.

Other amenities: the pro shop staff wasn’t terribly helpful and the cart girls had no sandwiches or hot dogs (just candy and crackers). I had lunch in the attached Antlers restaurant and the chicken sandwich and salad I had were both excellent (and under $15).

All in all it was probably worth the $65 I paid. I’m not going to hurry back, but I’d definitely keep in mind for a warm-up course.