This year I’ve had an epiphany with my golf game. For the last 10 years (since I started golfing), my footwork has been all wrong. I’ve been up on my toes too much, meaning I have a hard time rotating around my left leg (posting up on that leg), tweaking my left knee because my foot doesn’t rotate right, and setting up wrong at the ball (ball on the toe of the club) because I’d tip forward and lean into the swing.

Kenny Perry

I noticed the difference in footwork while watching the pros on TV. This year I’ve been working on keeping my weight back on my heels more, standing taller and rotating around my body, and getting comfortable setting up with the ball centered on the clubface (previously this would often result in a shank).

I’ve taken lessons from four different instructors and none of them caught this.

I’m also reducing the amount that I move behind the ball during my backswing, and rolling to the inside of my right foot to transition my weight forward in my downswing.

It’s been a revelation. When I do the right things with my lower body, my ball striking is very solid.