Winn V17 Grips

I’m really liking the Adams GT irons I picked up recently, but the grips they came with have shredded. They were standard tour velvet grips and they rubbed my fingers in a few spots. I’m having one of the kids at the club regrip them for me with a set of Winn V17 grips.

He did my 7-iron and utility wood last night so I could hit them today before deciding to take the plunge w/ the rest of the set or not. I hit a pyramid today with basically just those two clubs and though they felt a little odd at first, I think I’m going to like them. They are a little softer than I’m used to, which makes them feel smaller. They don’t seem to be rubbing though and I was hitting the ball quite well once I got used to them. The fellow who re-gripped them for me liked them too; he said he might re-grip his own clubs w/ them.

We’ll see how they are holding up in a few months.