Shoeless Joe Golfer

I decided not to send my golf clubs with the rest of our stuff in the moving van so I’d be able to get a last round or two in before we drive out to Denver in a few weeks. I hopped in the car this morning and headed to Sunken Gardens to play my Thursday morning round with the guys. I got there, parked, walked around back to pull out my clubs, and realized – I have no shoes!

I’d worn flipflops with the intention of putting on my golf shoes when I got to the course as usual, but my shoes weren’t in the back of the car. Thinking back, I think I left them in the house after cleaning out the car before the trips to Goodwill… I imagine they are somewhere in a box, ready to head out to Colorado. Oops! :blush:

It was time to buy a new pair of shoes anyway, right? I quickly bought a pair of shoes that sort of fit, headed out to the first tee were the other guys had already teed off, took two quick practice swings then knocked it 3 feet from the pin with my 7-iron. Yeah, I missed the birdie putt… it was that kind of morning.