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  1. Tom Brady talking “Deflategate” in front of a background touting #flexball – you can’t make this stuff up.


  2. On Reinstating Pete Rose

    I’m starting to see rumblings about Pete Rose’s potential reinstatement and a “he’s suffered enough” sentiment. I frankly just don’t get it. There are clear consequences stated for betting on baseball. Every player knows them. Baseball Rule 21 (emphasis mine): Any player, umpire, or club or league official or employee, who shall bet any sum…

  3. Golf USGA dubs Pinehurst redo ‘awesome’ →

    Sandy areas have replaced thick rough off the fairways. They are partially covered with that Pinehurst Resort officials refer to as “natural vegetation,” but what most anyone else would simply call weeds.

    The edges of the bunkers are ragged. The turf is uneven just off some of the greens, with patches of no grass.

    Instead of verdant fairways from tee-to-green, the fairways are a blend of green, yellow and brown.

    That was the plan all along.

    This weekend’s US Open should be fascinating.

  4. Biggest issue with current fitness trackers: I don’t want anything on my wrist when golfing or playing volleyball (my two primary sports).

  5. What We’ve Seen Lately →

    What I’m not saying is that the Mariners have one of the league’s best offensive units. What I am saying is that the Mariners have recently had one of the league’s best offensive units, and we just haven’t seen that from them in god-damned forever. So it’s a different feeling, a new feeling, a fresh feeling, where we get to watch these Mariners and separate them from the Mariners of months and seasons past. It’s re-energizing, because we’ve been able to feel like we’re fans of a whole different ballclub.

    It’s been hard watching the Mariners rebuild for years and years and years now, with seemingly good moves and signings (Adrian Beltre anyone) falling flat while players that were passed on in the draft or let go are thriving (Tim Lincecum, Adam Jones).

    I’d love to see them competitive again while King Felix is still in his prime.

  6. 2012 Ryder Cup

    This year’s Ryder Cup has been some of the most exciting golf I’ve seen in ages; really great play on both sides. Sorry that I’ll miss many of the singles matches tomorrow, but I’d rather play than watch and I have a morning tee time. The iPhone app is great, I will probably keep my…

  7. NFL Playoff Attrition, Round 2

    Last year I made some SWAGs about which NFL teams that made the playoffs in 2010 would miss in the 2011 season. Recapping those predictions here. Atlanta Baltimore Chicago Green Bay Indianapolis Kansas City New England New Orleans NY Jets Philadelphia Pittsburgh Seattle italic = predicted to miss the playoffs bold = did miss the…

  8. GameTonight (for 16 Metros)


    It’s baseball season again, and in downtown Denver that means traffic and bad cell phone connections. We can’t do much about the latter, but be sure to use GameTonight for warning about potential traffic concerns. GameTonight is a single-serving site that answers “is there a game tonight?” and tracks the major sports teams in 1516…

  9. NFL Playoff Attrition

    Every year about half of the teams that make the playoffs in the NFL fail to get back there the following year. Here are the teams from the last few years. Who do you think will fall out of the playoffs from last year’s batch? 2008 7 of 12 teams (bold) failed to make the…

  10. Feathers? Wire?

    What the heck is Nike doing to college football uniforms? Feathers (or wings)? Wire? I can’t believe we’re seeing something worse than diamondplate. It’s one thing for the University of Nike Oregon to be a testing ground, but Florida too? Yikes, it’s spreading!

  11. Camden Yards

    My first game at Camden Yards became my first rainout at Camden Yards. The rain was definitely welcome as it had been a scorcher (97 degrees plus humidity) in Baltimore today. Along with the rain came some impressive wind and lightning. Camden Yards is an excellent ballpark – definitely recommended. It’s clearly the father of…

  12. All-Star Game

    I think there are two reason why the baseball’s All-Star game has lost some of its shine. 1. Interleague play. Before interleague play the only time the best hitters and pitchers from each league faced each other was in the mid-summer classic and the World Series. Interleague play has cheapened that – it’s a shame.…