Fantasy Baseball

Last night was the deadline for the guys in my fantasy baseball league to turn in their keeper lists. This is the 4th season of this league and I’m looking forward to it.

I’ve been able to win the last couple of years but the teams in 2-10 have scrambled up a bit. I had a very good initial draft and worked hard the first year to stack my team with young stars for my keepers. That has basically carried me so far, but this year may be the year that I fall back to the pack.

Looking at the keeper lists, there are more than a few teams that have a really good chance to challenge for the title this year. My keepers have gotten older and I’ve got a couple of question marks on the list this year.

The draft is a week from tomorrow, then we’ll really see how things are shaping up. I think the draft is 60-70% of your success for the season. You can overcome mistake in the draft through free agent pick-ups and trades, but it’s an uphill battle all year if you have to.