SVN Repositories

If you’re not a developer, feel free to skip this post. 🙂

I’ve been re-organizing my SVN repositories over the last week or so. This is what I’ve finally come up:

  • clients – all client projects live in here, with a sub-dir for each client.
  • documentation – docs for Tasks Pro™, Tasks™, etc. Having them all under one repo makes sense as I often need to merge changes to PHP Doc System or the doc content between products.
  • open-source – with a dir for each project, I’ll be able to open up anonymous SVN read access easily with them all in one place.
  • personal – browser bookmarks, misc. application meta-data, etc. that I pull down to multiple machines.
  • projects – smaller projects that don’t need their own repositories.
  • web-sites – all of the sites I run are in SVN these days.

The goal is to allow some separation and organization of the various repos, but also allow me to merge changes across similar codebases and projects as needed.

Please post your suggestions, tips, “I do it this way” comments, etc. in the comments.

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