Version control is at the center of any good software development team – even if that team is just one person. I’ve used a half dozen systems in my career, with Git being my primary (written in March 2013) while a few legacy projects are still in SVN (along with the entire WordPress ecosystem).

Aug 31, 2004Subversion
2 Years, 7 Months
May 14, 2007SVN Repositories
4 Months, 5 Days
3 Months, 27 Days
Jan 12, 2008SVN Scripts and Tools
2 Years
Feb 3, 2010Mercurial or Git?
1 Year, 7 Months
Nov 1, 2011Git Workflows Book
3 Months, 15 Days
Feb 14, 2012SVN to Git Migration
6 Months
Oct 5, 2012When In Git
9 Months