The first season of our keeper league. I made some great decisions and some really bad decisions in the all important first draft. Getting A-rod and Vlad was great but taking Kendall in the second round before Vlad was not so wise… I could have had Sosa, Giambi, Bonds in that spot. McGwire in the 6th? ouch! but Matt Morris in the 22nd helped make up for it. I had a 1 or 2 point lead going into the last day of the season, but the West Coast Yankees moved up a few notches in ERA and WHIP for the tie thanks to another team throwing out a bunch of pitchers in desparation on the last day and them all pretty much getting shelled.

End of Season Rosters

  1. Durham Bulls
  2. West Coast Yankees
  3. Pud’s Summer Stars
  4. Senators
  5. Bruin Sluggers
  6. PureGrade
  7. Whitesnake
  8. DC Giants
  9. Manning’s Mofos
  10. Boston Bomber