Apple Watch + iPhone Charging Station

Since the Apple Watch:

1. needs to be charged every night, and
2. needs an iPhone to function

every Apple Watch customer is a potential customer for an elegant solution that charges both their iPhone and Watch on their nightstand.

The ones that I like best so far are:

The Timber Catchall for Apple Watch

Griffin WatchStand

Watch Me Dock

I definitely lean towards solutions that use a loose cable rather than a dock for the phone as I’d like this to be useful for a few generations of phone iterations.

I think I could tuck the iPhone under the phone on a stand like this too, but it feels like a less :scare: designed :/scare: solution.

Nomad Stand for Apple Watch

I expect we’ll be seeing a bunch more options in the coming months. If you think I’ve missed something that I’d like, please add a note in the comments.