Personal WordPress Theme

I’ve forked the FavePersonal theme to release a few changes that I’ve made to it for my own site.

  1. An improved Gallery feature, including support for WordPress shortcode galleries. If you’re uploading photos directly to your gallery post, you can use drag and drop to set the order for them now.
  2. The Post Formats admin UI is now responsive and works great on mobile devices.
  3. Remove the Social plugin from the theme (requested by – it can still be installed separately.
  4. Make tons of misc. code changes to match new coding standards vs. previous coding standards (and pass the theme check).


I was originally hoping to have the modified theme hosted on but after weeks of waiting for review, they responded that features of the theme like choosing colors and post formats should be done in separate plugins instead. This makes no sense to me as these are core features of the theme, but happily there are great places like GitHub that will host the project for us.

The Personal theme is quite assuredly mobile-friendly, which makes it a great fit for the importance Google’s is placing on mobile-friendly sites lately.

You can download from the releases page on GitHub or, for you technically minded, grab the reop with git. Just make sure to also grab the submodules.

git clone
cd wp-personal
git submodule update --init --recursive

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