I was very pleased to come away with a big win this season. The first half of the year I was hanging in in the top 4, but my starting pitchers were underachieving badly. I stuck with them and they really came on in the second half. Losing Daryl Kile, I ended up picking up Kevin Millwood and trading Brian Giles (one of my keepers) for Pedro Martinez.

These moves worked out quite well and I pertty much ran away with the league in the second half. My 90 point total (averaging second place in every category) is the new high mark for the league. Also of note, the Boston Bombers came from last to a tie for 3rd by being smart in the draft and they look even better for next year thanks to some late season trades.

End of Season Rosters

  1. Durham Bulls (Team Log)
  2. Todd’s Bash Brothers
  3. Boston Bombers
  4. West Coast Yankees
  5. Bruin Sluggers
  6. Gitarooman
  7. MovingintoMiddlePack
  8. Whitesnake
  9. Senators
  10. CJ’s Giants