Back on Track

After playing the best golf of my life at the beginning of the summer, I completely lost it for about a month. My scores were getting back into the 90’s and it wasn’t much fun.

My main problem was a hook I’d developed with my long irons and driver. I just couldn’t keep the ball in play reliably and was missing long par 3’s left. On the par 3 fourth hole at the heritage I was pin-high left, with a 70 yard second shot. Over the last couple weeks, I’ve made a major change in my swing that seems to be helping.

In the video I made of my swing earlier this summer, you can see my left foot start open and re-plant as I start my downswing. This allowed my hips to clear too early and I’d get out of sync.

I’ve closed that up that left foot and cemented my heel to the ground, and I’m keeping everything inline a lot better. My swing is a touch more vertical and I stay “down the line” longer, instead of rolling the club over. I also finish in balance better.

My left hip has been a little sore as I get used to this move, but the results have been great. Yesterday I shot 42-39 to break 40 for the first time in a long while. Being able to hit greens again feels really good.