“Lost” Putter

Just to mix things up a little I decided to use a different putter (an old 34″ TearDrop) yesterday instead of the 35″ Mizuno TP Mills Workshop IV putter I’ve used for the last 4 years. I left the Mizuno in the car, but it was gone when I got back. :(

UPDATE: the Mizuno was found under the car seats – wonder how it worked its way under there – whoohoo!

Now I’m on the lookout for a new putter, and the Ping Craz-E One caught my eye (the Craz-E sets up great for me, but I don’t care for the insert or the blue all over the place). I called Ping to find out when they planned to ship, and I got through to a real person who put me on hold, found out, and told me why. Apparently the initial Craz-E One putters that came back from manufacturing didn’t meet the approval of John Solheim, so they are going back to fix it.

Kudos to PING for caring enough about quality to delay the ship date.