Sun Mountain Four 5 Review

For the last three or four years, I’ve used a Nike bag that I quite liked – except for the weight. It had enough full-length dividers, and held enough stuff – overall it treated me well. The last few weeks though, I decided to carry my clubs instead of push my cart on a couple of 9-hole rounds – I liked it enough to want to give it a try for 18, but not with the heavy Nike bag.

Previous to these thoughts of carrying, I’d looked at the Nike Sasquatch bag as a potential replacement. I love the 14 full-length dividers and the drink cooler, etc. However it’s heavy – just like my current Nike bag. When I went to the store yesterday I didn’t even look at it except to verify the weight.

Instead, I took time looking at the Sun Mountain carry bags, the Superlight 3.5 (3.5 pounds) and the Four 5 (4.5 pounds). Ultimately, I decided to go with the Four 5 because it has the same 14 individual full-length dividers I liked in the Nike bag, but was lighter and more comfortable. It’s an extra pound over the Superlight 3.5, but having the grips rub together and make the clubs hard to pull out drives me nuts.

I carried for 18 today with the new bag – it worked well, but I need to get in a little better shape. 😉 My only wish (so far) would be to have another little pocket like the water bottle pocket so I could stash my glove in there. I don’t like putting the glove in my pocket, but I do need to carry some water – especially when carrying my clubs.

I’m quite pleased with the bag, it will work well for carrying and on the push-cart. I definitely recommend checking it out if you’re in the market for a new bag.