I reached a point about a month ago where I realized I just wasn’t able to make progress getting my swing back on my own. Two weeks ago I had three lessons, last week I had two lessons and this weekend I tried to take the swing changes on the course for the first time.

As you can see from the results, it’s still a work in progress.

On Saturday I struggled to make consistent swings with the new changes, but I did very well (especially the first few holes) when I played on nine on Sunday. I only really struggled on two holes, and had a lot of balls right on line and a number of first putts within 20 feet.

The swing changes have been pretty fundamental. I’ve never really known what my lower body should be doing in various parts of the swing, and that’s where most of the work has been. The main keys:

  • make a full shoulder turn (I got away from this years ago when I was trying to correct a hook)
  • keep the weight back on my heels instead of tipping forward onto my toes
  • keep my weight on the inside of my right foot as I reach the top of my backswing
  • initiate the downswing by swiveling my hips

This is all starting to feel more comfortable and I feel good about the progress so far. I’m going to try to track the rest of my rounds this year with GolfShot, and hopefully the stats will continue to show improvement. I’d love to have a round in the 70s again this year, and I think I can do it if I can continue to get comfortable with the swing changes and also find some time to work on my short game.