Tracking Rounds on GolfShot

When I first started golfing I kept stats on every round I played. Over the last few years I’ve been playing less and less, and struggling more and more – to try to enjoy the walk and not focus as much on results I stopped keeping score.

This year, I’ve been taking lessons and working on my game a little more. I’ve also started tracking my scores with GolfShot. The GolfShot iPhone app includes GPS and stat tracking. I’ve used the former a little and the latter a lot.

I wish I’d used the GPS today, it would have saved me from mis-lasering a flag on the 16th hole. I hit a perfect shot with the wrong club, leading to a drop from an unplayable lie to a short-sided ship and a double-bogey.

I’m getting closer to sniffing the 70’s again, so overall I’m very pleased with my progress.