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  1. Russian Police Choir Performs Get Lucky at Olympics →

    1. Someone had the idea for this and thought it was a good enough idea to propose to others.
    2. Others agreed that it was a good idea.
    3. As the choir practiced, they still thought this was a good idea.
    4. During rehearsals, other people saw this performance and thought it was a good idea.
    5. This was performed before a world wide audience.

    I find each of these steps individually remarkable, and stupefying in aggregate.

  2. Owning Your Online Identity →

    Post at the Crowd Favorite blog

    I’ve put up a post on the Crowd Favorite blog about how I use WordPress and the FavePersonal theme (free!) to own my online identity, while still participating with my friends on Facebook and Twitter.

    I love how I have (on my own site) a history of the social reactions to posts like this. Here’s a more casual example; where the social reactions really add to the overall story.

    I think owning your online identity is hugely important – don’t outsource it to some 3rd-party service. But there’s no reason not to take advantage of the benefits of those services. I want to have my cake and eat it to – and I believe I’m doing just that.

    This post is part of the project: FavePersonal. View the project timeline for more context on this post.

  3. Automation →


    I’m pretty proud of the automation tools we’ve created at Crowd Favorite, particularly for creating local project set-ups and for deploying to production sites. But it definitely is a constant investment.

  4. What I’m Doing With Glassboard →

    Thanks to Justin for the shout-out in his post, I’m excited about the UI ideas for the web app that Justin and our team have already come up with. I agree with Justin, Glassboard has a ton of potential – just a tiny matter of execution remaining. :)

  5. Google’s New Business Model →

    Enter Nest.

    In my estimation, this deal is not about getting more data to support Google’s advertising model; rather, this is Google’s first true attempt to diversify its business, in this case into consumer devices.

    I hope this is the case.

  6. The Road to Geekdom →

    Geeks are people who are passionate about things. Passion makes people interesting, regardless of the subject matter. This is why geeks seek out other geeks. Join us, we have cookies.

  7. MySQL BIGINT v INT. Is there a big deal? →

    Even with these simple tables and small data sets it’s clear that INT is a saving of disk space over BIGINT. In many clients I’ve seen huge savings in multi TB databases, just with a small number of schema optimizations. If this saving alone for a more optimized database design was only 10%, it is an easy 10% that will reflect a direct improvement in performance.