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  1. Related: trying to turn my wrist the right way to trigger the screen to come on is my biggest annoyance with the Apple Watch so far.

  2. The fact that this generation Apple Watch has a screen that is off by default is going to seem ridiculous in a couple of years.

  3. “Do one thing and do it well.” is really a cry for depth in products, not simplicity.

  4. Today I Learned: that charging the new MacBook from empty to full takes about 2.5 hours.

    I’m using the MacBook on battery (unplugged) 90+% of the time.

  5. Just received detailed instructions for caring for a pink seahorse stuffed animal. Including what to do if she gets hungry or starts whining.

  6. I just happily paid for another 2 years of FastMail1 service for my personal email. I’ve been using them since 2004 and can’t recommend them highly enough.

    1. This is a referral link. 
  7. When using a framework, any framework:

    source code > documentation.

    Always read/reference the source.

  8. TIL: If you leave it to run overnight, Dropbox really will finish syncing 250k+ files to a new machine.

  9. The golf world finally getting what they want with Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy playing together at The Masters on Sunday.

    Sadly, chasing from 10 shots back.

  10. I can’t convince my Apple TV to reliably AirPlay or play music from iCloud or rented movies from iTunes, but it handles like a champ.

  11. Re-learning the “check Rotten Tomatoes before starting a movie” lesson. Again.

  12. So the retail Apple Store has the MacBook on tables to try out but if you want to buy one you have to order it online.

  13. Pretty sure we’re watching the best two teams in the tournament with this Kentucky vs. Wisconsin matchup.

  14. Cable modem goes down. I finally boot up my Android phone to tether with it and the cable modem comes back.

    I need to remember this solution for the future.

  15. Recommended: seeing Garth Brooks in concert. I was thoroughly impressed by the energy he and his bandmates of 20+ years brought to the show.