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When I did the third redesign of my site, I decided to make the theme available for others as well. The Personal theme is a great way to make your WordPress site your digital home on the web; while simultaneously enabling participation and engagement on Twitter and Facebook via the optional Social plugin.

The original FavePersonal theme theme was released by Crowd Favorite. I now maintain a fork of the theme.

1 Year, 3 Months
3 Months, 7 Days
6 Months
Jul 3, 2013FavePersonal 1.3
11 Months
Jul 5, 2012FavePersonal 1.1
Also in project: Carrington Core
Mar 23, 2012FavePersonal: Colors
Mar 21, 2012Announcing FavePersonal
Also in project: Social
4 Months, 26 Days