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Social is a WordPress plugin that connects your site to Twitter and Facebook; and enables a number of great social features. These include:

  • Connecting multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts to your site (including Facebook pages).
  • Broadcastings new posts to Twitter and Facebook.
  • Pulling back reactions from Twitter and Facebook as comments on your posts.
  • Allowing your visitors to log in with their Twitter or Facebook identity to leave a comment.
  • Allowing your visitors to post their comment to their Twitter or Facebook account.

But beyond that, Social provides an elegant user experience for connecting Twitter and Facebook to your WordPress site. No need for creating Twitter/Facebook apps and copying keys around – Social provides the connection platform and an open architecture to allow other developers to build on top of it. An example of this is the Twitter Tools plugin.

The Social plugin and the Social Proxy that enables the great user experience are brought to you by the great folks at MailChimp.

5 Months, 21 Days
Jul 3, 2013Social 2.9.2
Jun 6, 2013Social 2.9.1
3 Months, 6 Days
Mar 1, 2013Social 2.8
Dec 21, 2012Social 2.7
Oct 25, 2012Social 2.6
Oct 12, 2012Twitter Tools 3.0 FAQ
Also in project: Twitter Tools
Oct 11, 2012Twitter Tools 3.0
Also in project: Twitter Tools
3 Months, 2 Days
May 23, 2012Social 2.5 Sketches
May 22, 2012Social 2.5
May 17, 2012Social 2.5 beta 2
Mar 21, 2012Announcing FavePersonal
Also in project: Personal Theme
Jan 22, 2012Twitter Tools 3.0 beta 2
Also in project: Twitter Tools
Dec 14, 2011Twitter Tools 3.0 beta 1
Also in project: Twitter Tools
Nov 23, 2011Social 2.0 beta 3
3 Months, 13 Days