Tasks Pro™

Tasks Pro™ is a powerful multi-user web-based task manager/to-do list. I started building it years ago so I’d have a way to keep track of my own tasks and access them from a Windows box at work, a Mac at home, and a Treo on the go.

I originally distributed Tasks™ as a free, donationware package. Over a couple years, I kept adding features and making the product more powerful and capable. I received a great number of requests from Tasks™ users to evolve Tasks™ into a multi-user collaboration tool. In 2004, I ventured off as an independent developer and developed Tasks Pro™, a commercial multi-user version of Tasks™.

Detailed information about Tasks Pro™ including features, pricing, product demos and free trials are available on the Crowd Favorite web site.

Tasks Pro™ and Tasks™ are my primary projects and are in active development.