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GrandCentral to Google Voice conversion complete – thanks Google!

Wish I could get my GrandCentral voicemail as voice-to-text SMS (like Spinvox).

It appears that GrandCentral doesn’t like it if you answer a call and press “1” too quickly.

GrandCentral Ends Calls on the Hour?

Two days in a row I’ve been on a call that I received through GrandCentral. Both times, the call has been disconnected right as the hour turns: from 2:59 to 3pm Mountain yesterday and 10:59 to 11am Mountain today. Yesterday I was on an IP phone and the other party was on a hard line,…

Dear GrandCentral, ringing my cell is very nice, as are the voicemails, but please allow me to actually answer the calls as well. kthxbye

The import/export feature of GrandCentral has been “down for improvement” for at least a week. Grumble.

The BlackBerry Curve can play GrandCentral voicemail (Flash, I think) through its built-in browser. Impressive.

I think I’ve decided to put my GrandCentral phone # on my new business cards.


Steve has a good writeup on GrandCentral. I’ve been testing this too, and generally like it. However I’ve run into a problem that’s probably going to cause me to stop using the service (until I get an option to work around the issue). When someone calls your GrandCentral number, it rings your other phones for…

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Export from Apple Address Book and import into GrandCentral still seems broken. Perhaps I’ll try .csv import.

2007 in Review

Welcome to my third annual year in review post. January – I begin offering premium support and TechStars is announced. I start helping RedMonk in their site update efforts, PHP Tag Engine reaches 1.0, I release a variety of WordPress plugin updates and we upgrade the Use Tasks service. February – I get to release…

Why I Don’t Use My iPhone (as a Phone)

Geof Morris asks a good question on my previous post discussing mobile browsers: That iPhone keyboard really is the only holding you back [from switching to the iPhone from the BlackBerry], isn’t it? The keyboard is definitely an issue, but as much as I love the MobiSafari browser there are a few things holding me…