The Share This plugin for I created for WordPress has evolved into a widget and service offered by ShareThis. ShareThis is available as a WordPress plugin, and as a widget for all platforms (including plain HTML web sites).

Besides supporting other platforms, ShareThis now allows you to login and access your preferences across all ShareThis enabled web sites. Publishers can register at and receive stats and reporting on the sharing activity happening on your site.

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ShareThis for WordPress

If you want the latest WordPress plugin, you can download it directly right here:

Download | README | SVN Repository

Latest Release: Version 2.1, 2008-01-17.

ShareThis Classic for WordPress

If you would like to use a non-widget version of the ShareThis plugin for WordPress, there is one still available. This version has been updated to support the tracking and reporting features offered by

Download | SVN Repository

Latest Release: Version 1.5.2, 2008-03-05.