Golf Blog

I’ve started keeping notes on the golf courses I’ve played and some equipment reviews. Mostly for my benefit, but I imagine someone will find it useful too.

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Since moving to Colorado I’ve been a regular at the SportsOasis. I’m down to one night a week now, but have enjoyed transitioning from indoor sixes to sand doubles and fours.

Fantasy Baseball

Being my favorite sport since my early days growing up, I am more active in fantasy baseball than any other sport. I run a keeper league and participate in another keeper league and in the Yahoo! winner’s leagues.

I’ve played most of my fantasy games on Yahoo!, unfortunately with two different profiles.

Softball Stats (Bleacher Bums)

The softball team I played with in the Bay Area kept game stats on-line using a slightly modified (added On-Base % and OPS, reorganized some of the content, changed the colors, etc) version of SoftballStats.

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