Social 2.6

Social 2.6 is now available for download!

This release was initially intended to handle a smallish set of bug fixes, but then Twitter announced version 1.1 of their API and we figured while we were in there we might as well make all the changes necessary for compatibility. So the good news is that this version of Social should be pretty forward-compatible (at a cost of this release taking longer than originally scheduled).

A full list of changes can be seen on GitHub, here are some of the highlights:

  • Now utilizes the newest Twitter API (1.1)
  • Removed the discontinued Twitter @anywhere service
  • Automatically approve Likes and Retweets
  • New date format filters: social_formatted_date, social_comment_date, social_fuzzy_date
  • XML-RPC / posts via email / scheduled posts now auto broadcast correctly
  • Enable Pages support in user profile social accounts is working correctly
  • Now utilizing longer timeouts for broadcast requests
  • Properly post links to Facebook
  • Remove ‘social’ namespace for login i18n
  • Properly truncate comment broadcasting, giving the url priority

I’ve been using this version on my site here for a while and it’s working great for me. I hope it works great for you as well.

I recorded this screencast to demonstrate some of the features I like about Social. It’s a “one take” without editing so I apologize for the rough edges. I hope you find it helpful.

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