Twitter Tools 3.0 beta 2

I’ve packaged beta 2 of the next generation version of Twitter Tools. Version 3.0 is a ground-up rewrite on top of the Social platform, with a few features included for backward compatibility. If you’d like to test the beta, grab it from GitHub.

This version fixes several bugs that were found in our QA process, as well as a few enhancements and initial integration points. The changes since beta 1:

  • fix several taxonomy reference bugs that were causing shortcodes and widgets to fail to show tweets
  • fix logical flaws that were causing the “include RTs/replies” settings in widgets to behave inconsistently
  • disconnect Twitter accounts when they are deleted from Social only when they are shared accounts
  • manual tweet download is now an AJAX call instead of a full page refresh
  • cleaner failures if Social plugin is not active
  • add integration points so that other plugins can extend Twitter Tools

Due to some of these taxonomy issues, you may need to delete your existing Tweets and allow them to be recreated so that tweets appear in the widget and shortcodes as expected (any newly imported tweets should be fine with this version).

Still no README file (contributions from testers are welcome), but I expect to get started on that along with final tweaks and packaging for a full release in the near future.

Developers, please feel free to open issues and submit pull requests in GitHub.

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