Social 2.7

Just in time for the holidays I am very pleased to report we have a new version of Social for you (compliments of our good friends at MailChimp and my team at Crowd Favorite).

This release as a few changes of note:

  • Points to a new Social proxy URL. The old one will stop working on Jan 15th – make sure to upgrade before then.
  • Potential work-around for crazy “security” settings on some hosts – I’m looking at you HostGator.
  • Separate settings for Social’s WP-Cron feature and retrieving comments from Twitter and Facebook. Now you don’t have to enable retrieving social comments for Twitter Tools to pull in your tweets automatically.
  • Improved comment date handling, including better i18n support.
  • Match Facebook’s API changes for passing in images with broadcasts.

I think this is the best release of Social yet, I hope you enjoy it. If you have any issues, please post them in the WordPress support forum.

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